Twr Efyrnwy


Few places are more beautiful and inspiring than Lake Vyrnwy in autumn. This painting captures the dramatic skies of Mid Wales and the reflections of autumn leaves on the lake.

“Painting tip- If you are not happy with the finished picture, leave it a while (or 6 years!) and carry on painting it. It is worth persevering rather than giving up altogether, because you have already put so much time and energy into it.”  Sue Newham

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This painting was first painted in 2013, but Lake Vyrnwy is such a special place to me that I was determined to do it justice. I revisited the painting, painting over the original image, in 2014, then twice in 2015, before deciding in 2021 that I would have another go at improving the painting and capturing the magic of the place.

Here is the 2021 version:

Twr Efyrnwy, the tower on Lake Vyrnwy


And the first version in 2013:

Twr Efyrnwy 2013

The painting is painted with oil paint onto a 3cm deep box canvas. It measures 100cm by 40cm and is painted around the edge so it could be hung unframed if desired.

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