Journeys in autumn


A glorious autumn scene in Mid Wales captured in an oil painting on canvas, with a stylish distressed frame.

Painting tip: “Painting the background accurately behind objects such as plants and trees may seem like a waste of time when the background is largely covered over, but these details showing between leaves and branches make a big difference to the appearance of the finished picture.” Sue Newham

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This painting is from a glorious autumn walk in 2012, which I initially painted in 2013. Although I was pleased with it at the time, I have felt recently that there are things that could be improved. This year, I have put it back onto my easel for an overhaul. You can find out more about the thinking and painting process in this short video-

The painting is oil paint on canvas, measuring 29.5cm by 42 cm. There is a 1 cm white gutter between the canvas and the outer frame, which is mottled brown with hints of green in a slightly distressed style.


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