Revisiting an older painting

Journeys in autumn 2021

I have been doing quite a bit of looking at my older paintings and thinking, “I’m sure I could do better than that.”  As an artist, you are always developing your skills and stretching your experiences, so what was a really good picture in 2013 is no longer the best you can do.

You could ask, “Why not just chuck the old one away and start again?” Some artists do, but I am always aware of the investment of time, energy and materials that I have already made into a picture. It seems better to improve it from where it was finished previously.

I’ve made a short before and after video, talking about the changes that I have made and why-

Here are the before and after photos of “Journeys in autumn.”  2013 and   2021

Journeys in autumn 2013

Journeys in autumn 2021

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