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Revisiting an older painting

Revisiting an older painting Journeys in autumn 2021

I have been doing quite a bit of looking at my older paintings and thinking, “I’m sure I could do better than that.”  As an artist, you are always developing your skills and stretching your experiences, so what was a really good picture in 2013 is no longer the best you can do. You could […]

An exploration into Virtual Reality

An exploration into Virtual Reality Gallery shot 2021

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy setting up an exhibition in cyberspace. It really is possible! Who would have thought it? The platform I’m using is FrameVR. It does take a bit of time to learn to drive your  avatar and then to position artwork on the virtual walls, but the experience is […]

I have two paintings in the Veritasse exhibition on 24/10/20!

I have two paintings in the Veritasse exhibition on 24/10/20! Social media ad 1

A live conversation with Veritasse artists with new artwork created specifically for this exhibition which will be viewable from this page from just after the private viewing. Artists presenting new original artwork: Chris Jennings, Jean Mintoft, Philip McMullen, Mark Wiggin, Lynne Pugh, James Martin, Sue Newham Private viewing-Saturday 24th October 2020, 8.00pm- 9.30pm London time. […]

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